Angry Birds Adventure

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about angry birds adventure

Angry birds are no more angry, they’re quiet calm and this is boring! Birds needs to start a new adventure, walk, run, fight, that’s the birds that we know! Let’s start the action, move that bird using arrow keys, jump over obstacles and collect golden eggs. At each stage you have to collect a certain number of eggs, so don’t miss them! In this journey you will encounter some enemies, and you need weapons to fight against them, so you must collect also ice bombs, to hit your enemies. If you like Super Mario games, you will love this one too, because there are many similarities. You have 3 lives to complete each stage, but if you use all of them, you must restart the level. Sometimes your way will be locked by some wooden boxes, use your power to destroy them. Climb up the stairs and lianas to reach everywhere. Good luck in your try to complete all the levels!